September 09, 2016

August 2016 Update/Craft Show & More

Hi Friends,

This past month, and for the next month and a half, we'll be working on items for the upcoming Autumn Mayhem craft show. We'll try to show a few items on the Paisley Parkes facebook page. Items not sold on the Etsy site, the month before the craft show, will be available at the craft show.

Today is sunny and enjoyable. I know that shorter Fall days are just around the corner. How's the weather where you are? I hope you take advantage of every special day! Until next month, Pam

August 15, 2016

July 2016 Update

WHERE DID THE TIME GO???? It's mid August and I'm soo late gettting the July update done.

It seems I have a few finished quilts to share with you this month. This first quilt is Pies & Tarts a design by Sue Daley It's a fun english paper piecing pattern, so it's very portable. I used a variety of scraps for the pies and tarts, and selected some beige fabrics for the background squares. 

July 02, 2016

June 2016 Update

 Hi everyone! June has been a busy month around here in the Pacific NW. One of my favorite things to do, is eat the fresh raspberries growing in our backyard. YUM
I also spent some time organizing my fabric scraps, the ones that are too small to do anything significant with. But, definitely too large to throw away. The smallest size I will cut is 2" squares or 1 1/2" strips. The largest of the scraps are 5" squares.
 I'm putting the finishing touches on the Pies and Tarts quilt. I started earlier in the month by handquilting, and then added in some machine quilting to finish it up. I found this binding a few years ago on a scrap table at a guild meeting, and couldn't resist it. I am so glad I picked it up, since it seems perfect with this quilt. I hope to finish the binding today.
 Vintage Quilter's Newsletter Magazines 
A couple months ago I made a request to my small quilting group: Did anyone have 80's or 90's QNN's? Of course there were several eager members willing to part with their magazines. 
You might wonder why in the world would I ask for them. I have found that some of the articles feature techniques that we have either forgotten about, or are no longer relevant. (I just read an excellent piece about using an ironing board to miter quilt borders-In the above magazine issue). Also, some of the quilt patterns are really nice to look at. I'll admit that some are also really horrible. LOL. The pattern on the cover of this issue is really nice, and would work well with modern fabrics.
I have enough magazines to occupy my nighttime reading for several months. Each favorite quilt/article is earmarked for possible future projects.
 Wing it Crochet
I rarely use a crochet pattern, even though I have several reference books on crochet stitches. This baby afghan (A gift for my great-nephew- due next month) is worked in Double crochet and what I call a V stitch. Each row is a mirror stitch of the previous row.
 Denim Quilt #4
I've made a lot of progress on the final denim art quilt. Today or tomorrow I might be able to get to the batting and backing. I've used a variety of threads: Signature quilting thread, Gutermann all purpose, and Sulky 12wt.

Baby Quilt
My nephew and his wife love blue and black fabrics. I'm not sure if it stems from their love of Doctor Who/Tardis, or it's just their favorite colors. Before they were married, they had requested some steampunk costumes and I was so happy with outcome, I had them model for me.
They were married last year, and their colors were blue and silver. 
So, with a their little one coming along in August, I designed this simple quilt. I'm not sure if they will see this blog post, but I couldn't wait to share.
You'll need:
21 5x10" blue
21 5x10" black
1 5x7" blue (to create a staggered look)

If you've made a jelly roll race quilt, you'll find this quilt kind of works the same way.
Take your 5x7 blue piece and stitch the end to a 5x10 black piece. You'll now stitch end to end alternating colors until you use up all your fabric. 
Place both ends right side together, and stitch down the sides. (I'd watch the video for the details). Once the quilt reached the desired size, I pressed the top, added the extra loft polyfil batting, a plain black backing, 2 1/2" binding (fold in half then stitch to the front, then hand stitch on the back) and then tied with blue wool yarn. 

Finished size: 50x37" large enough so the baby can use it for several years. 
This quilt took me 15 min to cut out fabric. 45 min to piece, quilt and tie.
Sneak Peek. I've been working on this 36x47" painting for several years. I picked up a dreadful painting at a local thrift shop, sanded and reprimed the canvas, then started applying my base coat. 
Last year I started adding in some shapes, and some details. 
Over the next few months I'll be finishing up on a few things that I think it needs before having it put on display in the lobby of Benjamins Salon. Along with a price tag. I'll be sure to take photos of the finished piece. It would be great to see this go to the perfect home.
I've been accepted to participate in a craft show later this year!  So, that means working like crazy to make spool ornaments, spool mini's (like the ones in the photo), fringed scarves (adult and child), and lavender sachets. My Paisley Parkes co-owner Marie will have her baby sweaters there as well. 
I'm also making display stands, and planning the booth layout.
I'll fill you in on the show details as we get closer to the date.
Well, I think that's pretty much everything I've been doing this past month. I also filled you in on what I'm currently working on, so I'll have plenty to show for the July update.
Have a terrific summer!

May 30, 2016

May 2016 Update

 The month of May saw the completion of my brother-in-laws quilt. This quilt was made from striped shirts, muslin, and on the reverse some fly-fishing lure fabric. Since my Sister wanted to have a cuddly quilt, I tied the quilt using wool yarn. With future washings, this quilt should get softer and softer as time goes on. This is a generous lap quilt: approximately 48" x 68"

May was also a busy time for making more lavender sachets for the Etsy store: Paisley Parkes. All the sachets are filled with lavender from my garden, and a little polyfil for softness. 

I love using up my fabric scraps for these, and also finding coordinating buttons. They are so fun to make and I don't have to cut into my yardage. 

April and May have been quiet months for finishing things. I recently acquired some better lamps for taking photos, which hopefully, will cut down the time it takes to do editing. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather be creating with fabric than dinking around on the computer. 
Plant a Garden, Feed a Bunny
I hope you had a productive May, and that as we head into June, you have summery projects to turn to in your spare time. Happy Stitching!